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History of the Bank

Agrarian Trade Union Joint Stock Commercial Bank "APABANK" (Closed Joint Stock Company) was founded in 1992.

During the first 15 years of business the Bank is a profile bank to assist social protection of rural and urban population, rural infrastructure development, rational and effective use of trade union funds, the expansion of financial opportunities of trade union organizations of agriculture, development of the peasant (farm) households, stabilizing the economic situation of agricultural producers, realization of complex socio-economic programs.

So far shareholders of the Bank are including the trade unions of workers of Agro-industrial complex in different regions of Russia.

Year 2008

In 2008, after the change of shareholders and management of the Bank, policy was directed at expanding scope of activity, transformation the Bank into an all-puspose credit institution. W carried out work aimed at improving the effectiveness actions to retain existing and to attract new customers by offering them desired services and anticipating their requirements for maintenance. As a priority, it was determined increasing the motivation of customers by the possibility offering them one of the services on very profitable conditions by the concentration of efforts of the Bank on it.

Year 2009

In 2009, Joint Stock Commercial Bank "APABANK" (Closed Joint Stock Company) has increased its authorized capital to 204.9 million rubles. Has been increased customer base with a priority on attracting small and micro-businesses. During the year work was carried to improve the quality and diversity of variety of services for individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, to increase the volume of transactions and the pursuit of reduce costs of managing business, increasing its level of technology and control. There has been a change in manpower policy of the Bank, whose goal was to attract qualified employees who have professional experience in credit and other financial organizations and institutions.

Year 2010

In 2010, Joint Stock Commercial Bank "APABANK" (Closed Joint Stock Company) was licensed as a professional participant of securities market. This enabled the Bank to continue on expanding spheres of services offered. At the moment, the Bank determines small and medium business of the real sector of Russian economy as the priority segments, as well as the retail sector. The Bank strives for expanding its market share in the provision of products such as small loans (loans from 100 000 to 2 000 000 to finance working capital for small and micro enterprises for a period of 6 months.), loans under circulating assets. The Bank has real possibilities and potential for development in a highly competitive, but at the same time it must be noted that the Bank carries out its activities with a reasonable degree of prudence and reasonableness. The Bank has developed an effective system of banking risks assessment and internal controls. The system of banking risks management is focused on an adequate assessment and understanding of the tasks.

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Assessment of need for bank credit for financing current expenditures

The need to increase the competitiveness increases the requirements for quality of management of enterprises. Increase in the level of management is impossible without application of formal, science-based approach to decision-making.