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Objectives and aims

The main strategic aim and objective for the nearest period is a dynamic development of the Bank and achievement of a qualitatively new level with the standards of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The development strategy of the Bank is based on the components, which together will ensure strengthen of the financial and economic situation of the Bank and the preservation of its credibility with its customers.

Main strategic aims of Joint Stock Commercial Bank «APABANK» (Closed Joint Stock Company) are:

1. Increase of authorized capital, raising size of own capital.

2. Expansion of activity of the Bank by obtaining a License providing right to carry out transactions in foreign currencies and further entry into the deposit insurance system.

3. Constant expansion of customer base with a priority on attracting small and micro-businesses.

4. Formation of a diversified and sustainable resource base.

5. Commencement and active development of cooperation with financial institutions and mortgage systems.

6. The increase in capitalization of the Bank.

7. The introduction of international standards of banking operations.

8. The introduction and development of modern methods of marketing and PR.

9. Improvement of risk management system.

10. Improving the quality and diversity of the range of services for individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, in raising the volume of transactions and the pursuit of cost reduction of managing business, increasing its level of technology and control.

Final result should be the creation of modern technologically Bank, which will possess by an optimal required network of service centers, provide high quality services to clients and enjoy significant authority in the market.

Bank-client system



on Finance

Assessment of need for bank credit for financing current expenditures

The need to increase the competitiveness increases the requirements for quality of management of enterprises. Increase in the level of management is impossible without application of formal, science-based approach to decision-making.